one rhythmically emphatic sentence.

it all makes sense, doesn't it, in your head.

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hi. i'm ish.

I'm an INTJ. I have an overbite. I'm obsessive. I'm not sure with which nationality I identify. I'm bad at sports. I'm a champion procrastinator. I'm addicted to cryptic crosswords. I prefer beverages to food. I have a very high pain threshold. My nails are always painted. I think that confrontation is really useful. I plan everything. I sit firmly on the left. I really, really love walking. My first impressions are almost always wrong. I love vivid colours. I have sworn off hard liquor. I'm very nostalgic. I tend to tune out during action sequences. I'm usually overdressed. I try to find silver linings. My best friend is summer. I don't have a lot of common sense. I despair a little when my handwriting is messy. I don't believe in 'bad taste'. I love to write and to sing. I'm not religious. I don't get along with seafood. I give a fuck about an Oxford comma.

A select few entries in this journal are locked: those with personal photos, or information I just don't think strangers need to know. Most posts are open, including fics.

« 'Ah that "peck",' recalls an embarrassed Alonso. 'We were all in the team group and he took my face and planted a great big smacker on me. And the way things were, I just thought, "Okay, I'll give him a kiss on the lips!" We were all just letting our joy, everything we had inside ourselves, flood out. Normally we are more laid back.'
Gerrard's unbounded enthusiasm carried over into the dressing room , where, face to face with Paco Herrera, the skipper dished out more of the same treatment. »

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awkward jokes with strangers, being a crazy leftist, being appropriately dressed, bitingly cynical op-ed columns, blinding teeth, cooperative pens, enormous cups of coffee, going home on thursdays, laugh-lines on the young, names that sound italian, never walking alone, offensively bright colours, quietly charming loners, silent telephones, the liverpool fc calendar, toys that seem sad, weapon-like cheekbones, words that sing, world-changing pop music

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